Fifty Shades of Green!

Well, no actually. Important as these are they’re fairly pale shades of green and save about 960 Kg of greenhouse gases (GHG) per person per year. By going vegan you can save 1144 Kg and give where you live a much darker shade of green – PLUS have a huge impact across the globe. And we

Call a spade a spade: vegan diet is climate-friendliest

What if doctors told you that smoking caused cancer, but you’d probably be fine if you didn’t smoke more than one cigarette a day? Luckily, they don’t, because even small amounts of smoke are harmful . So why don’t climate scientists follow the same principle?

Meet the Big Killers Driving Species Loss

While scientists are still debating what killed the dinosaurs, the results are in on what is currently fuelling the decline of animal and plant species: overexploitation and agriculture.

This Earth Overshoot Day, Leave Animals Off Your Plate

It comes around sooner and sooner every year: Earth Overshoot Day , previously known as Ecological Debt Day . It’s the day on which we’ve used up more natural resources (through deforestation, emitting more CO 2 than forests can store, and overfishing) than the Earth can regenerate. It

Don’t Be Too Quick To Celebrate, Sceptics.

When a new study prompts media headlines like " Being vegan isn’t as environmentally friendly as you think ", it's time for a closer look at the science. By Dr Jeanette Di Leo

Is soya destroying the planet?

And how about soya latte? Soya has been the victim of its versatility, good nutrition value and relatively easy cultivation. Native to Asia, it’s been a part of the human diet for millennia but since the boom of large scale animal farming, people discovered it’s cheaper to raise

'Eat Green' say campaigners as Defra study shows UK species still in decline

PRESSURE is being put on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to call for a drastic cut in meat consumption after it reported a continuing decline in biodiversity in the UK this week. Vegetarian environmental campaigners Viva! say the only way Government targets to "significantly reduce the rate of species loss by 2010" will be met, is by halting the destruction of wildlife habitats through expanding farmland used for meat and dairy production. Statistics from Defra's Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) are released as Viva!

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