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Fifty Shades of Green!

Wave bye bye to burgers and bacon butties and you no longer help to destroy the Amazon. Say cheerio to chicken and you’re suddenly out of the extinction business. Give dairy the old heave ho and you slash global warming.* And you’re really helping improve where you live!

'Eat Green' say campaigners as Defra study shows UK species still in decline

PRESSURE is being put on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to call for a drastic cut in meat consumption after it reported a continuing decline in biodiversity in the UK this week. Vegetarian environmental campaigners Viva! say the only way Government targets to "significantly reduce the rate of species loss by 2010" will be met, is by halting the destruction of wildlife habitats through expanding farmland used for meat and dairy production. Statistics from Defra's Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) are released as Viva!

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