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Ducks Out of Water

Since 1999, Viva! has run a highly successful campaign to highlight the suffering of factory farmed ducks in the UK. Viva! investigators have visited almost all the major producers in Britain, exposing how these essentially wild birds are crammed into industrial sheds in their thousands and are denied all that is natural to them. Almost all duck meat comes from factory-farmed birds.  Aquatic animals - they are meant to eat, swim, dive, clean and play in water - and yet they never see it, except in their drinkers.

True 'horrors' of Freedom Food ducks exposed by first undercover investigation film of slaughter

THE reality of the death of millions of ducks heading towards Britain's supermarket shelves under the RSPCA's Freedom Foods scheme has been exposed by the first undercover investigation into the slaughter of Britain's favourite bird. Leading animal campaigning group Viva! have secretly filmed the slaughter of ducks inside a factory of a company who supply major supermarkets including Waitrose, Co-Op, Asda and Sainsbury's.

'Poor welfare standards' exposed at duck farm supplying supermarkets claim Viva!

DURING an undercover investigation of Gressingham Foods - the supplier of duck meat to Sainsbury's* -lame birds were filmed, alongside ducks with crusty eyes and some with necks so painfully distorted they found it difficult to feed or drink.

Investigators found what they described as an 'apartheid system for ducks' on the farm, with industrial units surrounded by free range birds, their fate simply dictated by how much consumers are willing to pay.

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