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Chickens (eggs)

Viva! victory: egg supplier forced to drop welfare claims

ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! is celebrating Trading Standards’ announcement that Noble Foods (who sell eggs in Tesco and other UK supermarkets) will amend “misleading” labelling on their ‘Big and Fresh’ eggs from caged hens.

However, the charity blasted the length of time it took Noble Foods to agree to change its packaging (8 months). Viva! also questioned why it took Trading Standards so long to bring about this change and questioned its ability to police large producers and ensure they do not mislead the public.

Tesco - latest supermarket to ditch hen cages!

Some big news came into the Viva! office this week! A statement by the supermarket Tesco announcing an end to the selling of eggs from caged hens by 2025.

Bristol, Easter 2011.

Watch Viva!'s shocking undercover investigation into conditions at The Happy Egg Company:

Enriched cages

Viva! investigates: A cage is still a cage

Another side of egg production was the battery cage – a byword for cruelty for decades. 

However, they are now being replaced across Europe by – yes you guessed it – another cage. Optimistically described as ‘enriched’, hens are still packed into wire prisons – prisons with a little more space. There is some cursory ‘environmental enrichment’ but there is no escaping the fact that it is still a cage.

Viva! investigates:  Conveyor belt of death

Hatcheries across Britain produce millions of hens to replace their ‘worn out’ sisters (most killed at just 72 weeks), but not every bird makes it out of the hatchery alive. To be precise, half of them don’t. The fate of male chicks was one of the egg industry’s best kept secrets – until now.

Panto and CBeebies star joins anti-egg campaign this Easter

CHILDREN'S TV presenter and pantomime actress Sarah-Jane Honeywell is taking part in a new animal welfare campaign highlighting how hens are still being kept in cages.

Over the next two weeks Sarah-Jane is appearing in six cities across the UK in The Wizard of Oz, as Glinda.

Even though the traditional battery cage was banned in January - many hens remain confined in new 'enriched cages' - which only offer the size of a postcard per bird in extra space.

New 'Enriched Cages' for hens a "sick joke" in terms of animal welfare, claims Viva!

A GROUND-BREAKING undercover investigation into the reality of so-called enriched cages for egg-laying hens due to be introduced in 2012 has been carried out by animal group Viva!.

Europe's largest campaigning vegetarian and vegan group obtained footage from a massive 'enriched' cage system that Noble Foods (the same people behind 'Happy Eggs') use for their cheaper eggs - with shocking results.

'Cruelty and Filth' Exposed at the Happy Egg Company

Contented hens, pecking at the ground and enjoying a dust bathe in the sun - that's free-range egg production if you believe the TV adverts.

A major Viva! investigation into the egg industry has shown a very different story claims the campaigning group - one of disease, incarceration, mutilation, short lives and electric shocks. In one of the most ambitious undercover operations Viva! has ever undertaken, the group says it has laid bare the awful truth of what could be one of the biggest UK consumer deceits.

Viva! Calls For Supermarkets to Follow Asda's Egg Layer Lead

Asda supermarkets have announced plans to release 500,000 British laying hens from battery cages into sheds (barns) by May Day and will no longer sell battery eggs under its standard range. It will, however, continue to sell cheap battery eggs under its own label value range. Animal welfare group Viva! congratulates Asda for having taken a step in the right direction and calls upon all other supermarkets to follow suit and phase out cruel and barbaric battery cages.

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