Team-Viva!'s Past Challenges

Here are some of the other challenges that Viva! supporters have taken part in, in order to raise money for Viva!.

Vegan Athletes For Peace (VA4P) Charity Cycle Challenge

Top Sportsmen cycled the length of Britain to promote Veganism!

Professional footballers Neil Robinson and Dean Howell were joined by rock climber Tris West on a thousand mile quest, from Land's End to John O'Groats, to raise awareness of the peace-loving vegan lifestyle.

They are wonderful role models for us all, and we're delighted that they chose Viva! as a recipient of the funds they raised on the way.

Visit their website to find out more.


Congrats to Neil Robinson, Dean Howell and Tris West for succeeding in their their mighty feat. They raised about £1000 for various charities and auctioned a signed Everton football shirt to raise more. Ah you guys de best!

(cyclists reach John O' Groats)


Simon's swim - Sunday 25th August 2013

On Sunday 25th August 2013 Viva!'s trusty designer Simon Parkin closed down Photoshop and picked up a pair of speedos, ready for the intimidating open water swimming event in Marlow Buckinghamshire. 

Simon's race was a taxing 750m in an unpleasantly cold river Thames.

"It was fantastic! I loved taking part. Really enjoyed it. It was tough going at points but gave me a real sense of satisfaction to finish - for someone who's always shied away from sports that was a revelation for me. It was pouring with rain but I didn't even notice. No ill effects from drinking half the Thames! A great day!"

We say congratulations Simon, and thanks for joining the team!

See info about Simon's race, organised by Human Race, here.


Ash's run - Sunday 15th Sepember 2013

Back in May, Viva!'s IT bloke, Ash, signed up to run the Bristol Half Marathon. Having run this distance before added to the challenge by attempting to shave 15 minutes off his previous personal best time. 4 months of training 4 times a week later, Ash completed the course in 1hr 34min 23secs!

See Ash's JustGiving page here - and sponsor him if you're feeling generous.

Ash says: "Thanks, thanks and more thanks to those who supported me during this event. The run had an electric atmosphere, and I really enjoyed at least half of the race - before the pain kicked in. It was a great day and was proud to be representing Viva! in front of such a large crowd.”


Team Badger ​- 8th September 2012

Viva!'s Walk for Badgers raised over £800 thanks to you!

Team-Viva! completed a 12 mile walk to raise awareness of the looming threat to badgers in England of 'culling'. A massive thank you to everyone who donated. If you haven't already you can still give to help raise funds for us to continue to fight for Britain's wildlife.

Find out more about Viva!’s campaigns for badgers and please pledge to boycott dairy today!

Swim for Life - 24th June 2012

On Sunday 24 June the brave Viva! swimmers awoke on a dank morning in the lake district. They didn’t know what to expect, even whether the event would actually take place as the waters were too treacherous the previous day. As it happened, the conditions had marginally improved – it was on.

The Great North Swim is a 1 mile event in the beautiful Lake District town of Windemere. Miraculously, the entire Viva! team survived and made it back home that day. Read more here..

Welsh 15 Peaks - 3rd July 2010

At 3am on a cool summers night, an intrepid (a nice way of saying foolish) bunch set off on a journey of a lifetime. The 15/24 Viva! Challenge involves walking 48 km in 24 hours, including ascending the 15 Welsh mountain peaks whose summits are above 3,000 ft.

Not all made it, and for good reason. Until this day this is the longest distance I’ve achieved underfoot.

Team Viva! raised a substantial figure of almost £5000 for this gruelling feat. ​

Read details of the challenge here.