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Welcome to the Team Viva! sponsored challenge page!

Want to show the world you're willing to go that extra mile for the animals?  Do you have a unique fundraising challenge idea?

Do you like to push yourself physically and mentally?

Yes? Then it sounds like you deserve to be part of - Team Viva!!

Whether you want to join in one of our events, or organise your own, we're here to help you make your fundraising efforts go further. And you will proudly earn your place on this page. Contact Viva!'s fundraising manager Jeremy on 0117 9704634 or email  jeremy@viva.org.uk for more details.

If you want to arrange an event we can set up a JustGiving page and get the word out to other Viva! supporters about your challenge.

Team-Viva! Challenges - Everybody's Getting Active for Viva!


May 2016 - Kelly Mason is tackling one of the toughest, bravest challenges we've seen: a Charity Boxing event!

Fighting fit, but with no previous boxing experience, she'll be participating in this year's CRN Fight Night, an annual London event where  keen amateurs can test themselves to the limit while helping the charity of their choice. We're delighted that she's chosen Viva!, and she's hoping to raise £1000 to help us fight for animals!

Just the assessment and selection process sounds rigorous enough - 200 applicants from all walks of life have been whittled down to 18 over several weeks of constant professional evaluation  - but now she'll finally be stepping through the ropes to put all that training and hard-earned skill into practice.

Kelly says: "I have been vegan for almost two years and am a Yoga teacher. I have taken part in the CRN fight night so I can discipline myself during my time back with the IT company I work for as well as waiting to contribute efforts from myself to a charity that I believe in, that I stand by and that run in line with what I wish to stand for as a Human - When looking for a charity that reflected a cause / movement close to my heart, my morals, ethics and lifestyle I could not have chosen any other." It's great to have you in our corner, Kelly!

Please support Kelly by donating through her Just Giving page : https://www.justgiving.com/Kelly-Mason9

For more details about the event, see http://www.crnfightnight.com/

You can also follow Kelly's blog at http://www.crnfightnight.com/static/fight-night-blog-kelly-mason

Good luck!


Previous Challenges - still inspiring!


Vegan Athletes For Peace (VA4P) Charity Cycle Challenge

Top Sportsmen are cycling the length of Britain to promote Veganism!


Professional footballers Neil Robinson and Dean Howell are being joined by rock climber Tris West on a thousand mile quest, from Land's End to John O'Groats, to raise awareness of the peace-loving vegan lifestyle.

They are wonderful role models for us all, and we're delighted that they've chosen Viva! as a recipient of the funds they're raising on the way.

Visit their website  http://www.veganathletesforpeace.com to find out more; and help them reach their fundraising target by donating HERE.

Good luck guys!

*** STOP PRESS! ***


Congrats to Neil Robinson, Dean Howell and Tris West for succeeding in their their mighty feat.They raised about £1000 for various charities and are auctioning a signed Everton football shirt to raise more. Ah you guys de best!

(cyclists reach John O' Groats)









Hackney Hero

Viva! supporter Kayode Bryant will be running the Hackney Half-Marathon in May, and helping our good causes along the way. He told us:

" Everything I do or say is for the freedom and liberation of all those who are suffering and also in remembrance of those who did suffer. This being animals, humans and the planet. It's all connected". 

Show your support at his fundraising page HERE!



Gwen Stanbrook's 3 country bike ride

The amazing Gwen is doing a 50km 3 country bike ride across France, Switzerland and Germany to raise much needed funds for Viva!'s lifesaving campaigns.

Sponsor her today!



Viva!'s Greek runners rack up the miles for the animals

Our runners are passionate vegans and are excited to be representing Viva! and flying the flag for animal rights!

Viva!'s UK staff run for their 20th birthday

As part of Viva! 20th anniversary celebrations, Viva! staff (most of which are not runners!) ran an amazing 20 miles to raise awareness of the continuing plight of animals...

Inspirational Supporter Dorienne signs up to Bristol 10k and Half-marathon

"I intend to run for as long as I am able and to raise funds to help promote the veggie/vegan cause for as long as I can."