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Heather Mills Investigates the farrowing crate

Filmed in March 2007, Heather Mills tells campaigning farmed animal welfare group, Viva!, why she believes that the farrowing crate is one of factory farming’s worst hidden horrors. The film also shows her taking part in covert undercover filming on a UK pig farm, and also contains footage from pig units from around Britain. (10 mins). Broadcast copies available on request . For more information please contact Justin Kerswell or Juliet Gellatley on 0117 944 1000 (mobiles 07862 173377 or 07971 425508).

Note: It is not known if the farm that Ms Mills visited, and the farms shown in other Viva! footage, supply Marks and Spencer. However, the farrowing crates shown are of a standard type and similar to those used by M&S, as confirmed in a meeting between M&S and Viva!.

Click here to listen and download a broadcast quality WAV file of Heather talking about the farrowing crate.

Additional footage and audio available of Heather talking about why she supports Viva!’s life saving campaigns.

Click here to find out about Viva!’s campaign to get Marks & Spencer to stop using the farrowing crate

Visit for more information on Viva!’s campaigns against intensive pig farming in the UK.

A fact sheet about the farrowing crate can be read and downloaded from here