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Weleda Chamomilla Granules for Colicky Pain and Teething


If you’re a new parent and you’re struggling through the formative months, you’ll find these at Holland & Barrett, independent health food shops and online at www.weleda.co.uk at £6.95 for 15g.

Weleda Chamomilla Granules for Colicky Pain and Teething

To read a vegan mother's account of her son's experience with the remedy, go to www.teawithfelicity.blogspot.com

Anyone who’s enjoyed the calming effects of a cup of chamomile tea will know how effective it is in the pursuit of relaxation – something that is in short supply with new parents.  With that in mind, I quickly despatched a bottle of Weleda’s Chamomilla Granules to my friend, Felicity, whose new arrival Eric is in the throes of cultivating his first teeth.  Normally a sweet, happy child, Eric is finding this new experience a bit uncomfortable.  To the rescue with these vegan, sucrose-based granules – which are also gluten-free!  Felicity just popped a tiny spoonful (which accompanies the granules) into Eric’s mouth every 15 minutes until his condition improved and she said that they worked their magic.  He’s sleeping more blissfully and those teeth are poking through with relative ease, which is an invaluable result.