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Peidio cosbi y ddaearfoch am fethianna u'r ffermwyr

Don't punish badgers for farmers failings
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Public enemy No.1?

Badgers are harmless, loved, unique and secretive. Yet they face illegal trapping, baiting with dogs and 50,000 die on the roads each year in Britain. Now they face their biggest threat yet – the Welsh dairy industry!

Badgers are accused by farmers of being the main culprits in spreading bovine TB. The real culprits are farming practices so intense that dairy cows face numerous infections and rarely survive beyond five years old. TB tests are often inaccurate, allowing disease carriers to reinfect their herd or to be transported around the UK, infecting new herds.

The Welsh Assembly has agreed to a ‘cull’, ignoring the 10 year study by top scientists which established that badger ‘culling’ will not control TB in cattle. It means thousands of animals will be cruelly killed to no purpose – other than mollifying farmers who refuse to change their ways. Badgers could be wiped from certain areas of Wales in a slaughter that may last until the 2030s.

Permanent stress

A dairy cow’s babies are taken away so humans can have her milk. Many male calves are shot shortly after birth! Made pregnant again, she has to feed herself, her foetus and produce up to 120 pints of milk a day. Is it any wonder her immune system is in shreds?

Save badgers and cows! The surest way to save badgers now and in the future is to stop buying meat and dairy. The bonus is that dairy cows will no longer live in pain, you’re likely to improve your health and you will be doing the single most important thing to protect the environment.

I ddarllen y taflen hon yn Gymraeg ymwel a