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Condemned to a crate

Veal leaflet
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Unwanted male calves may endure lorry journeys of 36 hours – bewildered, overcrowded and exposed to the elements. Their destination – veal farms in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

These uncomprehending and fragile babies spend their desperately-short lives imprisoned in solitary confinement, in crates so small they are unable to turn around – a practice so obscenely cruel it was outlawed in Britain in 1990.

To keep their flesh white for ‘gourmet’ diners, calves are purposely diseased - fed gruel which leaves them anaemic.

Slaughtered at just four or five months old, many will be weak and unable to walk. It is a dreadful total – as many as 500,000 calves every year.

Their birth has no meaning other than to keep their mother’s milk flowing. Simply by switching to soya milk, you can end this shameful suffering.