Meet some of the animals from Viva! Poland


Meet some of the animals from Viva! Poland

Meet Some Polish Friends

Meet some of the animals from Viva! Poland and help raise vital funds for their upkeep and the important work of Viva! in the UK and Poland.

Words and pictures by Claire Morley, deputy director’s PA

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Borys the bear

Borys is one of four bears at the sanctuary. He arrived here after years of cruel treatment in a circus where he was forced to perform. Thanks to the sanctuary, Borys is now able to live a life free of cruelty with specialist care. He does Viva! proud by refusing to eat any animal products at all but he loves his fruit and veggies! Such a gentle giant, he surprises everyone with his soft nature, especially after the abuse he has suffered from humans.

Ofilia the horse

Viva! Poland was initially set up to help end the transport of horses to Italy for meat. We slashed it and 70,000 fewer animals faced that horrendous ordeal. Ofilia, along with her 15 horse friends, are now able to live a life free from the threat of the slaughterhouse – which is where she was headed. Ofilia loves the freedom of the sanctuary, with fields to roam, specialist veterinary care and a warm stable at night, Ofilia really is one of the lucky ones.

Peppa Pig

Peppa was born on a farm in Silesia, Poland – small, skinny and unwanted by the farming industry. A permanent home was found for her at the Viva! Poland animal sanctuary where she now enjoys the great outdoors with her new
found goat and human friends. Peppa is extremely friendly, loves human company and a tummy rub, at which she grunts with satisfaction. Peppa was received at Korabiewicach with open arms and lights up everyone’s day, all who meet her never want to eat pigs again.

Beton the goat

Beton, like many goats in Poland and the UK, was another cog in the farming industry. His female mates were to be used for milk production but Beton was destined for the slaughterhouse to be used as meat. Luckily Viva! Poland intervened and now Beton lives a peaceful life free from the prospect of pain and suffering with his two female friends. He adores Peppa pig, Fargo the bull and the 16 horses at the sanctuary.

Fargo the bull

Fargo has lived at the sanctuary for years and appreciated the fresh start when Viva! Poland took over in February 2012. His conditions
have now improved beyond recognition. Fargo goes entirely against the bull stereotype for despite his enormous size he is a warm and friendly chap. He loves the outdoors and spending time with his dearest friends, Peppa and the goats.

Texa the dog

Texa is a beautiful girl and her eyes hold a thousand tales of a past life we can only guess at. She is just one of 350 dogs at the Korabiewicach sanctuary. Texa was found weaving in and out of traffic, lost and afraid. Luckily, her hunger overcame her fear and the Viva! Poland team were able to take her to safety. She was riddled with worms, covered in ticks and her intestines were full of plum kernels – the only way she could survive. Now, safe, Texa would like nothing more than your adoption.

Video from the trip

The Viva! team has made a great video of their trip to Poland, so you can see where your donations will be going.

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