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Why would booze not be vegan?! Well, it all depends on what manufacturers use to fine (clarify) a product.
For a complete list of vegan booze, check the mighty and world-wide www.barnivore.com or ‘The Animal-free Shopper’ guide – and if you find a new vegan booze product, please contact them.


  • albumen (egg)
  • casein (milk protein)
  • gelatine (animal bones)
  • isinglass (fish bladder)

Does organic mean it is vegan? No! The grapes/hops/apples etc might be OK but that doesn’t mean the fining agent is animal-free.
Bentonite? Yes - it's a mineral.

And... some manufacturers don’t fine their wines at all, making life easier!

Many cans and bottled beers are fine yet their cask equivalents may not be. This isn’t a comprehensive list but you will find at least one of these in your local.

Becks: all
Budweiser: all
Carlsberg: regular; Edge; Export; Special Brew
Cobra: all
Coors: all
Corona: all
Co-op: own-label beers clearly marked on the label if vegan, eg Czech lager
Deuchars: Bottled
Elephant: Bottled
Freedom: Lager, Bottled
Golden Promise: Bottled
Grolsch: all
Heineken: Pilsner
Holsten: Export; Pils; Super
M&S: their vegan list includes lots of vegan booze, not just wine
Perroni Nastro Azzurro: Bottled
Samuel Smith:

  • Bottles: all vegan EXCEPT Yorkshire Stingo
  • Cask: all EXCEPT Old Brewery Bitter hand pulled from the cask – this is fined with traditional isinglass

San Miguel: bottled
Tiger: Bottled
Tsingtao: Bottled
Tuborg: all
Tyskie: all

Aspall: all (except for those with honey)
Dunkertons: all
Luscombe Organic: all
Merrydown: all
Samuel Smith: Cider Reserve; Organic Cider
Sheppy’s Cider: all
Stowford Press: all
Thatcher’s: all
Weston & Son: all (this includes Wild Wood as well as Weston's)


Fortified wines – sherry and port
There may be more - keep asking supermarkets and other suppliers but this was all we could find currently!
Cockburns: Vintage Port; Quintas dos Canais Vintage Port
Fonseca: Forty Year Old Aged Tawny Port; Quinta do Panescal; Single Quinta Vintage Port; Classic Vintage Port; Guimaraens Vintage Port; Late Bottled Vintage Port
Harvey’s Bristol Cream
Waitrose: Waitrose Amontillado; Waitrose Fino only


Most spirits are vegan but not advocaat, which contains eggs




Viva! Wine Club can supply most of your alcohol needs – not just wine – delivered straight to your door!

Asda: marks its own-label wines.
Brown Brothers: it varies! www.brownbrothers.com.au/uploads/veganapril2011.pdf – contact them for a more current list
Co-op: see Co-op beer and cider. But everything that is vegan will be labelled. If it isn't, it's not vegan!
Majestic: has a vegan list www.majestic.co.uk/find/Vegan-is-Vegan
M&S: marks its own wines if suitable, as with all their booze
Oxford Landing: all of its range from 2008 vintage onwards is vegan
Sainsbury’s: marks its own-label wines
Tesco: as Sainsbury’s. Their wine website only lists four vegan wines but they actually sell many more. Read the labels and ask customer services. (And if you have the energy, keep phoning/emailing until they give in and update their website!)
Waitrose: see the link for a vegan list
Yellow Tail: all red (the white uses gelatine)
Independents: most independents know their stuff and should be able to tell you what is suitable