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Get Active for the Tesco Turtles!

Animal abuse is animal abuse no matter where in the world it is happening. Don’t let this British company get away with it.

Sign the One World Wildlife online petition demanding Tesco stop selling live turtles.

Complain to Tesco

Note: If you have already written to Tesco and received their standard reply, click here for our response and help in demolishing their weak arguments. Write again!

Consumer power works, so let’s use it!

1-click campaigner: It’s easy and effective. Email Tesco with our handy 1-click system (below).

Let your friends know about the Tesco turtles and get them involved here.

Freephone: 0845 6004411

Write: Philip Clarke (Group Chief Executive), Tesco, Tesco House, PO Box 44, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 9SL


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