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Email Gordon Ramsay

Tell Gordon Ramsay to dump foie-gras

Please keep all messages polite.

Email: royalhospitalroad@gordonramsay.com

Write: Gordon Ramsay Group, 1 Catherine Place, London, SW1E 6DX

Tel: 020 7592 1360

Suggested message:

“Dear Mr Ramsay

I was horrified to learn of the treatment of ducks at farms in France at one of your preferred suppliers of foie-gras.

Whilst I am aware that you have long defended its use, I hope these recent revelations and undeniable suffering will make you think again. It rubbishes their claims to be “leaders in animal welfare”.

Whilst ducks raised for foie-gras will live free-range existence for the first few months of their lives, they spend the last fortnight tightly confined and force-fed. The footage obtained by Viva! shows filthy birds covered with feed and vomit. Some had bloody injuries and others were almost blinded. This is the reality of all foie-gras production.

Please ban this very unBritish cruelty from your restaurants.”

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