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Talks: Viva!

Defeating Diabetes with the D-Diet

By Veronika Powell, Viva!Health Campaigner. Diabetes is spiralling out of control with 3.3 million cases in the UK alone yet it can be prevented or reversed. Viva! Health’s D-Diet has such power by changing your metabolism – and cutting the risk of developing diabetes. Clinical trials show it can produce better results than any single medication.

Mood Food

By Juliet Gellatley, founder & director, Viva! and nutritional therapist. Four fifths of the UK population claim to be low on energy. Even more say they become impatient too quickly. Our nation takes over 800 million antidepressants every year. Juliet explores how food can alter our mood, why meat and dairy can drag you down and how fruit can make you fruity!

Why You Don't Need Dairy

Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director, Viva! and Nutritional Therapist.
Is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Is it safe to consume cow’s milk at all? Juliet explores the research showing why dairy is linked to cancers; how natural growth hormones in milk affect us and the dangers of milk protein and saturated fats – plus safer sources of calcium.

Wheat-eaters or Meat-eaters?

By Juliet Gellatley, founder & director, Viva!, BSc zoology and nutritional therapist. Are we ‘meant’ to eat meat and dairy or or we closer to other great apes in our nutritional needs? What really is a healthy diet? What is natural and how do we compare to carnivores, omnivores and herbivores?

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