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Veganise any dish

Challenge Jane

Challenge Viva!'s cookery expert Jane to come up with a veggie version of ANY Christmas dish! Do you have a delicious dish you cannot live without? Email and wait for her to work her magic!

Below are just a few favourite dishes and foods which you might not believe can be made without meat and dairy. And they taste so good we guarantee you will hardly be able to taste the difference!

Favourite recipes made vegan

Previous challenges:

Cheese and cranberry parcels
Chocolate brandy truffles
Cauliflower cheese
Cheese sauce
Chocolate mousse
Cheese cake
Chocolate cake
Chili con carne
French toast
Mushroom stroganoff
Raita - yoghurt dip
Scrambled egg
Shepherds pie
Sour cream
Spaghetti Bolognaise

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