Why You Don't Need Dairy

“A gripping insight into why dairy damages our health.”

“I thought a dairy cows’ life was idyllic. Now I know differently. This guide has given me the confidence to accept that my vegan diet is the healthiest possible - and the kindest.”

Everyone’s Going Dairy-free

Everyone’s Going Dairy-free gives a stylish shake-up to one of Viva!’s most popular guides, the old How to Be Dairy Free. But it’s more than just an update! We’ve revised the recipes and added lots of new features.

Guide to Vegetarian Brighton

Brighton – it's the place to be. Look on any bus and it will tell you so. Ask any clubber and they’ll agree. Survey summer trippers and they’ll give the idea a big thumbs up.

5:2 vegan-style


By Juliet Gellatley and Jane Easton

White Meat Myths

Colourful and groundbreaking guide, explaining why white meat is not the healthy option for adults or children, including exciting recipes using meat alternatives.

Fish-Free for Life

This guide looks at the science behind health claims for fish and unearths the research that the fish industry would rather ignore - research which clearly shows that plant-based oils are much safer and healthier.

A Fighting Chance

This new easy-to-read colourful guide summarises the key findings of our scientific report on breast cancer and provides vital information on which foods can help fight cancer.

Have a Heart

Colourful 32-page guide brimming with information, tips and recipes to prevent and treat CVD. Covers heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Also includes 7-day menu plan with recipes.