Guide to Vegetarian Brighton

Brighton – it's the place to be. Look on any bus and it will tell you so. Ask any clubber and they’ll agree. Survey summer trippers and they’ll give the idea a big thumbs up.

But the place to be what? For decades it was the place to be naughtily sexy, as generations of lovers, their hormones throbbing, headed to the sea for anonymity and amour. If you couldn’t afford Paris then Brighton was a good second choice.

Fish-Free for Life

This guide looks at the science behind health claims for fish and unearths the research that the fish industry would rather ignore - research which clearly shows that plant-based oils are much safer and healthier. It explains what omega-3 fats are, why they're important and recommends sources other than fish. It reveals precisely what toxins are present in fish and how harmful they can be.

A Fighting Chance

This new easy-to-read colourful guide summarises the key findings of the VVF’s scientific report on breast cancer and provides vital information on which foods can help fight cancer. Also includes a seven-day meal plan with inspiring healthy recipes including Tortilla Wraps with Mango Salsa, Quinoa Superbowl salad and the fabulous Summer Berry Compote.

Have a Heart

Colourful 32-page guide brimming with information, tips and recipes to prevent and treat CVD. Covers heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Also includes 7-day menu plan with recipes.

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