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Torture in a tin: Viva! foie-gras fact sheet

It is a common misconception that it is predominantly geese killed for foie-gras production in France. However, the majority of birds used to produce foie-gras in France are actually ducks (98.3 per cent), with geese making up around 1.7 per cent.

Fact Sheet: The Safety of Soya

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Farrowing Fact Sheet

The farrowing crate is a small metal cage in which pregnant sows are imprisoned for weeks on end, usually from a week before giving birth until their piglets are weaned three to four weeks later. She will be subjected to this roughly twice a year.

Badgers and Bovine TB (bTB)

A Viva! report by Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager


(updated September 2014)


Viva! pig fact sheet

The British pig industry

Simple Tips to Sharpen Wits Fact Sheet

Health Charity Viva! Health Suggests Ten Clever Reasons to Go Veggie!

Plant-based Diets and Cardiovascular Disease Fact Sheet

Cardiovascular disease – how a veggie diet can protect against heart disease and stroke.

Hell for Leather Fact Sheet

Ironing Out the Facts Fact Sheet

All your questions about iron answered; why plant iron is best, how much you need and where to get it.

Soya-Based Infant Formula Fact Sheet