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I have been with Viva! since its launch, helping Juliet with precious few resources – staff or money! My title is associate director and I can turn my hand to most things that Viva! does, and can talk on almost all the subject areas we cover. But my time is consumed mostly with words, writing for and editing our supporters magazine, Viva!life, checking, editing a large output of written material as well as conceiving and writing much of it.

A turkey is for life… not Christmas

Once upon a time, middle class people would ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at a roast goose in the centre of their Christmas dining table. For the working class it was a chicken. And then something happened and everyone fell in love with turkey meat.

So What’s the Real Reason, Greenpeace?

In a recent piece entitled Cows, Conspiracies and Greenpeace , Greenpeace’s UK campaigns director, Robin Oakley, tried to explain why his organisation avoided the word ‘vegan’.

Art For F---s Sake

They’re dairy cows called Ailsa and Meadow Sweet and that’s only the start of the deception being perpetrated in Bristol by an ‘artist’ called Nessie Reid.

Gordon is an oxymoron

There aren’t many TV series that are sufficiently compelling to make me stay home (okay, I haven’t yet come to terms with catch-up TV). But without doubt, one of them was the legal drama Judge John Deed, which ran for six series from 2001 to 2007. A High Court judge, Sir John Deed (

My debate on religious slaughter is in the New Internationalist

New Internationalist invited me to have a debate on religious slaughter with a Muslim spokesperson via an exchange of emails. They have now published it on their website (see a copy of their webpage below).

Doctor No

If it’s a prescription you want then Dr David Ryde is probably not your man. This vegan GP built a career out of saying no to bottles of ‘jollop’. He prefers giving advice – and it has dramatically changed people’s lives

My interview with Tony Benn

After 7 years I've just re-read the interview I did with Tony Benn and am amazed at how prescient he was. » My interview with Tony Benn

In Bruges

I went to Bruges last week and on my first evening wandered around the side streets of this beautiful old city – doing a bit of menu spotting as I went – and got totally lost. It was then I saw a very small restaurant (seats 12 at a time) with an almost vegan menu – plus some fish