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20th Anniversary Songs Help Animals

Talk to the Animals full video

All the Same (full video)

WARNING: graphic content showing the differences between how we treat some animals compared to others. This powerful short video demands to be seen.

What a way to start our 20th anniversary celebrations. A passionate vegan musician, Debbie Curtis has given her time and talent to draw together over 40 Viva! Patrons and celebrity supporters to make two singles, Talk to the Animals and All the Same.

Debbie is a massively respected conductor of her own Big Band (Debbie Curtis Big Band) and composes music for film and TV.

Everyone involved in this ten month mammoth project have given their time free.

How to buy

» How to buy the tracks online

All funds go to Viva!.

Take Viva!’s message to number one!

  1. Go to the iTunes link.
  2. Select 'View In iTunes.
  3. Once there, clicking on the arrow next to the pre-ordered button, (as shown below) you can open a 'Share With Option' toolbar for Facebook & Twitter etc. Please do this on your accounts, and ask others to do the same to help the effort to go viral and chart!