Another way, 'save turkeys, dont eat them'

Adopt a turkey - then eat it

Here's a look into the strange practice of adopting turkeys, only to then eat them.

An organic Scottish farm near West Linton has launched an adopt-a-turkey scheme. Like most adoption schemes, you pay for the animal’s board and lodging, visit to see how they’re doing and even choose a name. And when Christmas comes, you eat it! Farm owner, Heather Anderson, says: “Quite a few women want to name their turkeys after their husbands.” Freud would have a field day with that! Sonya MacDonald adopted a turkey for her two-year-old daughter and said: “What’s great is that she’ll grow up thinking this is how it should be, that you see the animals happy and free and that they end up on the dinner table.” No madam, there is another way – she could learn to respect the turkey’s right to life!