Pig in Heaven

I recently had the chance to visit Facebook celebrity WeeWee the Pig , who fell off a truck last winter and landed at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary , where he now leads the life all pigs should lead: happy, safe, and loved.

Cracked Weekend of Action!

Help us raise awareness and change attitudes by taking part in the Viva! WEEKEND OF ACTION ON 14 - 16 OCTOBER 2016! Viva! is kick-starting a Weekend of Action for laying hens as part of our new Cracked campaign on World Egg Day, Friday 14 October.

Making (very tasty vegan) hay while the sun shines!

As it’s been such lovely weather here in the South West recently, it reminded me of an amazing garden party we had earlier in the summer that I thought I’d share – you never know, with this Indian Summer you might be able to recreate some of these amazing dishes!.

Embracing my inner Chai

For me, this chocolate chai desert is one of the best vegan recipes I’ve come across so far. If you like rice pudding or semolina, you’ll love this as it’s a beautifully creamy and super easy desert that’s guilt free!

I made a tart – but not as you know it!

The tart I decided to make was inspired when I found some late season Hereford asparagus – and it was yummy and refreshing and proved to me, once again, that anything dairy can do, vegan can do better.

Call a spade a spade: vegan diet is climate-friendliest

What if doctors told you that smoking caused cancer, but you’d probably be fine if you didn’t smoke more than one cigarette a day? Luckily, they don’t, because even small amounts of smoke are harmful . So why don’t climate scientists follow the same principle?


What we found during out latest investigation into a Norfolk pig farm.

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Eating Out

My Vegan Town



I had a mixture of feelings when I first discovered what went on in factory farms. First of all there was rage that animals could be subjected to such suffering. It was followed by a sense of guilt that I had tacitly tolerated it for so long. Finally there was a sense of relief that I didn’t have...

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Viva!Life issue 62

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