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We help people go vegan, vegetarian or reduce the amount of meat they eat.

Reducing meat consumption helps save your health, the environment and other people.

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Apparently it is now cheese that is responsible for the French Paradox Puzzle rather than red wine!
All welcome: vegans, veggies and those simply looking to cut down...
Word has reached us that celebrity chef Heston ...
Latest news: April 2015 Word has reached us that ...
Fantastic news has just reached us that the people behind the mega...
Today we received an email from Derbyshire County Council:
“Application Code: CW9/0311/174
Ignore the misleading headlines about saturated fat being good for you – government guidelines are right on this one! says Viva!’s Health Researcher & Writer Dr Justin
See only that which you wish to see (and doesn't lose you...
My sister has Alzheimer’s disease and is probably on the last furlong of her lonely downhill journey. She also has a heart condition.

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To deny an animal its right to self-determination, its right to live out its life as it chooses in its natural habitat, that is an aggression; it’s an aggression against the planet and all other sentient beings

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