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We help people go vegan, vegetarian or reduce the amount of meat they eat.

Reducing meat consumption helps save your health, the environment and other people.

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Viva!’s concerns about illegal mutilations buried to protect farming industry
Associate Professor Culum Brown, Editor of the journal Animal Behaviour and Director of Advanced Biology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia recently wrote about a group of anima
This week another story is circulating in the media suggesting that soya may actually promote breast cancer: “Could soy cause breast cancer to spread?
ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! has launched two new guides to help you join the ever-increasing number of people going dairy-free.
In last night’s Horizon programme ‘Should I Eat Meat?
As much as 92% of all chicken is contaminated with faecal matter, while intensive livestock production crams 30,000 birds living in their own excrement into a single shed ...
A blog entry by Juliet Gellatley. Chickens. And how life is cheep....
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The idea of eating meat makes me feel quite queasy.

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