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This is an exciting time for Viva!’s online team. We are growing and developing our online campaigns to save animals...
We paid our respects to the victims of the A16 crash and continued spreading education to Waitrose shoppers at John Lewis HQ (parent company of Waitrose) and the Marylebone Waitrose store in London. Watch Juliet's moving speech on why there must be justice for the Waitrose pigs.

2016: Viva! Review

by Juliet Gellatley, Viva!'s founder and director It’s the start of another year, but before we get going with all...

Cardiff's Largest Ever Vegan Event Comes to the City Next Month!

WHAT: Viva! Vegan Festival 

WHERE: Cardiff City Hall, Gorsedd Gardens Road, Cardiff CF10 3ND

WHEN: Saturday, 4 February 2017 - 10.30am to 5pm

HOW MUCH?: Only £2 – kids go free!

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Investigation: Springate Farm, Danbury, Essex

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“Another bloody vegan!”

I was sat in the bar close to my home and one of my neighbour’s fumed up to me, she had morphed into the Welsh dragon. Nostrils flaring and when she spoke, words as furious as fire flamed out of her. I was shocked at her anger but remained still. The source of the vitriol? I had ‘made...
Down on the farm

The Hen Project 3 - DOWN ON THE FARM

Permanently caged in a barren environment;
with trimmed beaks, brittle bones, foot lesions;
with overcrowding causing social and physical stress as well as feather pecking and cannibalism...
These 'enriched cages' allow each bird a space just larger than one A4 size sheet of paper.
Every minute of every hour of every day of every week, for 72 weeks, before being removed for slaughter.

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Eating Out

My Vegan Town


We all really have only one thing in common on this planet – all species. It’s called life. We have no right to take the lives of others to enrich our own. Be compassionate, be creative, say no to the killing and end the cruelty."

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Viva!life magazine

Viva!Life issue 63 | Winter 2016

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