They are settling in wonderfully. Mum loves back rubs and rooting around in the straw; knowing her babies are safe. And we’re quickly finding out that her little piglets have big personalities!


Help us name them. Pigs means prizes! 

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Footage obtained by Viva! Campaigns taken on an intensive factory farm reveals truly dismal conditions for pigs.

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Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary have rescued a sow and her six piglets from a pig farm going out of business. We are so delighted that we can offer them a life together in the beautiful Welsh countryside! Not only that, these pig ambassadors will help us educate people about the horrors of factory farming by juxtaposing their new lives with our shocking footage from Britain's factory farms. 

Pig rescue! by Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary

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What the suffering of horses in Argentina means for pigs in Britain

Find out why tortured horses in Latin America should be of concern to British meat consumers!
Spent - The true price of eggs

THE HEN PROJECT 4 Spent - The true price of eggs

Naturally intelligent, social, sensitive, with a distinct hierarchy, a communal approach to rearing their young, producing only 20 eggs per year, and with a lifespan of up to a decade.

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Job Vacancy: Digital Designer & Manager

This is an exciting time for Viva!’s online team. We are growing and developing our online campaigns to save animals...
We paid our respects to the victims of the A16 crash and continued spreading education to Waitrose shoppers at John Lewis HQ (parent company of Waitrose) and the Marylebone Waitrose store in London. Watch Juliet's moving speech on why there must be justice for the Waitrose pigs.

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The first thing I always say to people ... cows don’t lactate unless they’re pregnant. We are taking milk from an animal that is reserving it in a special state for its child. But instead of the cow being able to feed its child, the animal is born, it gets ripped away from its mother - and this...

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Viva!Life issue 63 | Winter 2016

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